Behind the Brand


Welcome! I am Salimah - the creator behind Urban GLŌ! I'm a Jersey City, NJ native that LOVES to be creative.


I am extremely hands-on with Urban GLŌ and everything within creating our candles begins and ends with me. From creating the label design to mixing the fragrances together to pouring the wax into our jars to the website design and maintenance, product photography, packing & shipping orders, EVERYTHING! Quite the balancing act but so rewarding!

Creating Urban GLŌ has been a labor of love, passion, and a therapeutic process - a creation made purely from the heart. Protecting my peace and maintaining good energy in my home space is of the utmost importance. I just want to share those good vibes with everyone through my candles! Be sure to check out our candle collection. We currently offer over 7 candle scents to choose from so far. We are a small business that is constantly developing new scents for our customers to enjoy. Look forward to connecting with you all!