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Set the mood with our relaxing aromas. Homemade Soy Wax Candles. Shop

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About Us

Urban GLŌ prides itself on creating products that promote peaceful living from the inside out. Here at Urban GLŌ, we believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than what you consume. It also includes what type of energy you let into your space. Enhance every room in your home with its own special GLŌ. Our aromatic soy candles can be used to meditate, set up a cozy at-home work area, unwind for the evening, or create a romantic ambience. Our candles will leave your space feeling tranquil and serene. With a burn time of 10+ hours, you will enjoy this candle on many peaceful days.

All candles are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Learn more about our head creator HERE.


The ABSOLUTE BEST HAND MADE CANDLE I’VE EVER HAD the smell grabs you and welcomes you with a warm embrace. The Classic Nō 4 is my favorite. Thank you so much again....

Tiffany J.

Bath and Body Works have always been my number one go to for candles. I never thought that would ever change. I bought 3 candles to start just to see if I would really like them. The problem is I don't like them I love them. I don't choke when I burn them especially when a blow them out they're really good for my asthma. They dont have an overpowering fragrant scent. Plus the all natural body butter had kept my skin so moisturized! Great product.

Tena S.

Absolutely amazing....I purchased signature Nō 1 and Signature Nō 2 and I am loving them both. Not only do they smell absolutely amazing while burning, the amazing scent lingers thereafter. Looking forward to ordering more.


The customer service is absolutely great. The candles are incredible!!!! The scents are indescribable besides fantastic. I’ve never smelled any candles with these scents. It’s a sense of love while burning them.

Dawn C.

I am completely satisfied with my order! The candle I received was of excellent quality. I am sure that this company really takes pride in what they do. My Urban Glo candle really makes my space so much more serene. I love it! The customer service is great as well. I plan to do repeat business and recommend to all.

Terry McCollum Ministries

I love the smell of the candle and I love how it lasts long. Will definitely be making another purchase.

Courtney W.

Thank you for the exceptional customer service in the days leading up to Christmas! The help via the chat, your offer to include a handwritten note with the gift, and speedy shipping were all deeply appreciated. I m sure the recipient will enjoy it very much and I look forward to shopping with you again!


Urban GLO is at the top of my list as far as products and customer service. I ordered a candle set and it was delivered in a timely manner with unique packaging that gave the message they really do value their customers. The candle set had a great fragrance which created a therapeutic ambiance. I love everything about this company. They have a permanent customer with me. I highly recommend Urban GLO!


These candles are so relaxing, they will have you thinking you are sitting in a spa!

Lena J.

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